Concrete Raising Services:

CRC provides a variety of concrete raising and repair services to suit your specific needs. Here’s your chance to learn more!

Concrete Raising
CRC can raise, level, and stabilize virtually any concrete slab back to to it’s original place.  For the process, small injection holes, usually less than two-inches in diameter, are drilled though the sunken concrete.  Cement grout is pumped under pressure through the small holes until the slab is in it’s original position. Then the small injection holes are filled. This process displaces any air pockets, water, and water-saturated materials under the slab, providing an firm,  more-permanent sub grade and support underneath.  Rest assured, CRC will fix it right and back it up with a warranty.


Pressure Grouting
Pressure Grouting is closely related to concrete raising, and performed using the same equipment, with the addition of an extension nozzle. The process uses a direct pressure injection of a liquefied grout (usually containing microfine cement) into voids, cracks, fractures, cavities, or even between a foundation and bearing walls. The method requires that the grout solidifies within and around  soil, pipes, cracks, fractures, conduits, or holes. Pressure grouting improves the support, strength, and functional life of any treated concrete elements.


Void Filling
The service of void filling and/or soil stabilization is often viewed as a preventive treatment. Concrete areas that feel/sound “hollow”, abandoned sewer and/or water lines, utility trenches, flood plain areas subject to erosion, and poorly-compacted soils around foundations, abutments, and retaining walls are just some of the common areas in need of void filling. This process is also known as Soil Stabilization or Pressure Grouting.  The grout displaces air pockets, water, and water-saturated materials and provides more stable support for the concrete.


Polyurethane Injection Raising
Polyurethane foam provides an alternative to cement based raising and void filling that may be preferred in some situations, like poor soil conditions or large coverage areas. Concrete Raising Corporation (CRC) provides polyurethane injection services on an “as requested” basis depending on your specific needs.   CRC employees are certified installers of the DeNeef DeneLift 400 system and/or the HMI RR series.


Concrete Replacement
Some concrete is too fragmented (multiple cracks) or spalled (flaking or peeling) to revive with repair methods. In that case, concrete replacement is the best long term solution to the problem. CRC will remove the old unusable concrete section/s and replace it with new concrete surface that will properly align to the surrounding areas or rest of the foundation.  See our Resources page for a more detailed description of our attention to detail in the replacement process.


Basement and Foundation Repair
CRC provides a variety of basement and foundation repair services to suit your specific needs, including crack repair, drain tile inspection, testing, and repair, egress window installation, excavation, foundation piering, reinforcement beam installation, sump pump repair and replacement, tuckpointing, and waterproofing.  Please visit the CRC Basement and Foundation Repair website for more detailed information on how CRC can repair your basement or foundation today!


Snow Removal
Concrete surfaces need care in the winter too! Concrete Raising Corporation (CRC) provides snow plowing, snow removal, and de-icing (salting) services to managed properties including, but not limited to: condo associations, school districts, clinics and hospitals, industrial properties, retail locations, corporate offices, shopping centers, and municipalities. Please call for availability in your area.